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The Roof of the World


The Himalayan Kingdom


Land of Thunder Dragon


The Crucial of Asia

Nepal Peak Climbing

Nepal Peak Climbing Nepal is a country well known for its Himalaya mountains. Among the 10 highest peaks in the world, eight, including the highest peak Mt. Everest, crown this country. Nothing on earth can beat the exhilaration of scaling them. No wonder Nepal is the favorite destination for mountaineers and every year more than 600 expeditions trudge up the Himalaya, including the trekking peaks.

Peak Climbing Package

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Mera Peak is one of the most popular of Nepal's 18 "Trekking peak" From the trekker, the walk from Lukla through the Sherpa country of the remote Inkhu valley is an unforgettable experience, offering superb scenery, and abundant wildlife including rumored sights of the legendary yeti. About 700 visitors climb the 6654m. Mera peak each year, an achievement that requires for mountaineering skills and a special permit from the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

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Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak The region we visit is the Mt. Everest Region, home of the Sherpas, who are familiar with the mountains and climbing has become a part of their life. Their rich culture and heritage is being preserved by them even though there is noticeable development in the region influenced by the visiting tourists. There are wild goats, musk deer, pheasants, and Himalayan cock in the higher places.

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Dhampus Peak Climbing

Dhampus Peak Climbing This is one of the shortest, yet most classic treks in Nepal. It passes through country inhabited by a wide diversity of people. It offers spectacular mountain scenery and takes you north of Annapurna & Mt. Machhapuchare (Fishtail) ranges. This region is heavily settled and farmed. Sarankot is an ideal vantage point to view both a sunrise & sunset within the majestic Himalayan range. You will have views of mountains from Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna, including the magnificent Mt. Machhapuchare (Fish Tail).

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Pisang Peak Climbing

Pisang Peak Climbing Seen from Pisang the peak rises from yak pastures above the village in a uniform slope to the final summit pyramid, which is an undistinguished snow and ice slope. Looked at from above Ongre, the peak is a little more interesting and can be seen as a curved ridge, with the faces above Pisang being the truncated southern end of the mountain. This is made up of steeply titled rock, the dip slope of which faces the valley and is well seen in this peak and the great rock slabs further down the valley.

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Dromo Peak Climbing

Dromo Peak Climbing Regarding Dromo Peak, that is a peak open only for expedition and not a trekking peak like Mera and other. Dromo Peak Climbing goes via Kanchanjunga which gather astride the Nepal/Sikkim border & a few miles from Tibet. This route was opened to the trekkers since 1988, though people have trekked in the area in connection with mountaineering expedition since the turn of the century.

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Hiunchuli Peak Climbing

Hiunchuli Peak Climbing Hiunchuli Peak forms the massive south-facing wall, well seen when trekking north from Pokhara. Hiunchuli is the eastern bastion of this rampart, with its East Face overlooking the Modi Khola, guarding the entrance to the Annapurna Sanctuary. An impressive mountain in its own right, and not, as it was at one time dubbed, the eastern outlier of Annapurna South. Despite the relative ease of access to the mountain and the popularity, rightly so, of the Sanctuary as a trekking destination, it has, like Fluted Peak, received little attention from mountaineers although it obviously offers major new route possible.

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Loubuche Peak Climbing

Loubuche Peak Climbing Lobuche east ( 6119m/ 20,075ft ) and Lobuche west ( 6145m/ 20161ft ). Although they are connected by a continuous ridge there is a sharp gap and a considerable distance between them. The trekking peak permit is for the east peak, whilst Lobuche west, well seen at the head of the Lobuche glacier, requires and expedition permit. Lobuche is also spelt Lobuche on some maps...

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Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

Naya Kanga Peak Viewed from the hill above Kyangjin Gompa in the Langtang Valley, Naya Kanga is a shapely mountain rising to the west of the Ganja La (5122m/16800ft) which is a popular, although at times difficult, pass giving access to Helambu and the Kathmandu Valley. The normal route of ascent on Naya Kanga is via the North-East Ridge, an aesthetic line on snow and ice, classically alpine in character...

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Ramdung Peak Climbing

Ramdung Peak Climbing Situated south of Na in the upper Rolwaling, Ramdung, also called Ramdang-Go on the Schneider map, is one of a cluster or peaks around the Yalung La (5310m/17421ft), a pass giving access to the upper Rolwaling from the south , via the Khare Khola. This form of mountaineer in the exploration of unknown peaks, glaciers and valleys, the finding and crossing of new passes to connect one area with another, the most fascinating occupation I know.

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Tilicho Peak Climbing

Tilicho Peak Climbing Tilicho peak is a little bit hard to climb than the other mountains having height of the around 7000m. The way to this mountain climbing has two ways up to it’s base camp. One way goes via Marshyangdi valley route and another way goes via Kaligandaki valley route. If the teams go through Kaligandaki valley then it is very hard to cross the Messocanto pass, which is situated at 5300m.altitude From the top of this Messokanto pass, the tranquil view of Tilicho lake can be seen.

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Singu Chuli Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Singu Chuli is the mountain formerly known as Fluted peak. A few days after, enjoying that view of Fluters, wilf Noyce and David Cox went on to make the first ascent of this attractive and difficult mountain by its North-East Face and the top section of the East Ridge. Despite the relative ease of access to the Sanctuary this mountain has proven too difficult for most commercial climbing groups who have tended to concentrate their efforts on Tent Peak.

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Tharpu Chulu Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Situated in the heart of the Annapurna Sanctuary, Tharpu Chuli is an attractive mountain; part of the eidge line, thrown south from Glacier Done, that includes Singu Chuli and acts as a central divider between the semi-circle of peaks enclosing the Sanctuary. The mountain is sometimes confused with Rakshi peak, a small summit and viewpoint to the west of Tharpu Chuli, that stands above named after Roberts dog! As well as enjoyable climbing the mountains offers one of the outstanding viewpoints of the Annapurna massive.

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