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The Roof of the World


The Himalayan Kingdom


Land of Thunder Dragon


The Crucial of Asia


Nepal is rich in so many ways in its topography for those interested in climbing, trekking and adventure and in its culture and heritage for those interested in discovering another way of life, so we thought it was time to tell you about special 'interest Nepal' and what you could find here to learn and experience, and even immerse yourself in.

In Art, Craft and Culture we have covered many areas of interest, such as bronze making, woodworking, jewelry, art, craft, pottery and textiles to name a few, with others just as inspiring and fascinating. All of these subjects can be observed in a number of ways, either from the aspect of just an observer or shopper, or even from the point of view of joining a workshop or training program.

Body, Mind and soul reminds you of the heritage of the Himalaya and its synchronicity, the chance to learn about religions and philosophies, to study a language or music, to observe a ritual or a dance, and to be reminded of the great studies of ayurveda, homoeopathy and Tibetan medicine.

In Nature we have reminded you that the world's most famous arboriums probably gathered their first samples from the Himalaya, and that this country abounds with most of the butterflies and birds species in the world.

Under heritage we have mentioned the sacred sites of Nepal and the UNESCO listing of world Heritage sites in Nepal, and in the Rural section have suggested to you what you could discover by way of rural visits, sustainable eco tourism, village tourism and home stays in Nepal.